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XView is one of the first tools that allow you to view all kinds of images of large size and resolution from your mobile device.

  • Scaling (Zoom) system
  • Compatibility with devices MIDP except Motorola i85s
  • Availability of Scroll
  • Compatibility and direct recognition with GIF images

XView is all a tool with which you can view diagrams, photos, drawings, street and all kinds of shots to large format.

Ideal to store Street, drawings and photos on your mobile: XView.

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Send it to me, does not work download: I am very interested in this program but does not work the download page, if anyone can download it, please send me it to [email protected] Thank you


Good address: Http://www.jshape.com/mobile/xview/xview.zip

BMP Viewer

BMP Viewer

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Monochrome display of BMP images for your Siemens SL45i

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