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WhatsApp will serve to send instant text messages as well as images, video and audio using the Internet connection of your smartphone.

Among others, it is compatible with many of the Nokia Asha.

Powerful and comprehensive alternative to SMS messages

WhatsApp Messenger replaces the traditional SMS by a system of free and instant messages via 3 G or WiFi.

In WhatsApp, speak with your friends in the style of a classic chat. You can do it with either a person or several at the same time thanks to their groups up to 30 people. A good way to save on messages and to communicate quickly and effectively.

As for their options, WhatsApp Messenger allows sending of photos, audio files and videos. In addition, you can share a map with your location or contact details.

Finally, the emoticons are a fundamental and part of the most popular discussions of WhatsApp.

How does it work?

To take advantage of WhatsApp Messenger is missing that both you and the receiver have the application installed. Once you install the app on your phone, you can see which of your contacts using WhatsApp and begin to talk to them.

The most widely used, do the best?

That WhatsApp Messenger is the best in its category is more than debatable. But the strength of WhatsApp Messenger is its great popularity. In implementation of its characteristics, it is essential that users will adopt it and therefore WhatsApp is still the number one.

A success story

There are similar, even better applications. But WhatsApp is the example of an application that has managed to reach the public and provide an interesting effectively.

.. .and now with voice messages

One of the most notable innovations of WhatsApp are the messages Push to Talk. In the style of a walkie talkie, WhatsApp adds the option to record and share voice messages, both short and long.

In the latest updates, WhatsApp has included important improvements. One is to send multiple images: you can send up to 10 photos at a time in a same message.

On the other hand, you can also set the automatic download of files received.

  • Free sending of short messages
  • Works with WiFi and 3G
  • Very easy to set up
  • Only works between phones with the application installed
  • Do not allow sending photos

WhatsApp Messenger screenshots and videos

WhatsApp Messenger reviews


does it not work on nokia asha 501? could pass me on java whatsapp?: asha 501 cannot be installed on my nokia. can you pass me the program for java whatsapp? Thanks good afternoon


In LG Arena it hangs: That disappointment.It seems that he is installed but when send the log message is no & quot; connecting & quot;


whatsapp for samsung f480: a question does work with the samsung f480 please tell me?


It is not going in NOKIA C3.: I have tried to download it from the phone, from your computer. But nothing, when I try to install it says it is invalid.


It is good: They say that you can't send photos with WhatsApp Messenger S40 according to says the paragraph against because I have it and send photos to tutiplen


never I ran in my nokia x 2-01... a lastimaa: I have tried thousands of times and never could make it run on my nokia x 2-01 a lastimaaa! ªª


He loaded well but never connected: Never able to be connected, always I went out, retry connection problems, I have the connections that may require wifi, 3g, etc and nothing


I works great: PS a mi me works great on my nokia thank you all... but it is not used very well but I think q soon I know to use it better


only if you have unlimited data otherwise plan do not install it: To install it always me connect to the internet through telcel and I always walk consuming my balance, I had to uninstall


not good for nokia c3: not good for nokia c3 ke tells the application not supported in nokia c3-00


Whatsapp for Alcatel!: Not giving to alcatel... We are millions that we want that's for alcatel! help do something urgent!


4.17 76

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