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WeChat is an Instant Messaging application that, after doing all the rage in China, is gaining more and more followers around the world, to the point of sounding like one of the possible alternatives to WhatsApp and LINE.

Chat text, video calls, and walkie talkie

WeChat allows you to maintain full text chats with one or more persons using funny emoticons type LINE, make video calls and even using a walkie-talkietype, in which you can leave short voice in the chat message. In addition, WeChat has a wall Facebook style in which you can share your status and/or photographs.

In addition to these functions, we can already find in other services, WeChat introduces interesting news. The first is the function shake, used to find other users near you. To do this, you must shake your phone and WeChat will show to other users that are also shaking the phone. It also has a similar feature called look around, that functions in exactly the same way.

Another innovative feature is message in a bottle. Thanks to it you can send a voice or text message to the universe, waiting for someone to open it. Similarly, you can also open messages from other random users.

You need a phone number

To register at WeChat, as it is the case with WhatsApp, you must enter your phone number and the code that you will receive via SMS. WeChat automatically adds the contacts in your phonebook to the application.

The app is intuitive and does not imply neither too difficult nor too many differences with other similar apps for Messaging.

Works well, Yes, but is it worth changing?

some options to meet people that differentiate it from the competition.

  • Voice calls
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Function message in a bottle
  • Fluid performance
  • Fun emoticons
  • Its success depends on the number of users who use it

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