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The classic and addictive Tetris returns in its mobile version with Tetris Mania, a brilliant adaptation that will delight fans of Tetris. Addiction to the maximum.

Tetris Mania has two modes of play, Mania and Challange. In the first, the classic, you must accumulate points in a game as possible. To do so, you must get lines uniting the pieces that fall from the sky. Only thus will disappear, so be skillful, because if the parts arrive above the display you've lost. Challange is the paragraph that adds more excitement to Tetris Mania, with anguished accounts back.

In both modes you can choose the way that fall and disappear tabs, with the Cascade, the Sticky option, and Fusion, to each more difficult. That Yes, don't worry about the controls, they are so simple that you will end up hopelessly hooked to Tetris Mania.

Forget the boring bus rides, and even talk to your friends in the bar, because you can not remove the eyes up Tetris Mania.

  • Several modes of play for choosing
  • It is quite addictive
  • Simple to use controls
  • Very good performance
  • It's Tetris! What can be wrong?

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