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Sonic The Hedgehog: Part Two includes the final stages of the original game of the best-known hedgehog in the world, Sonic, the Megadrive Genesis platforms.

In Sonic The Hedgehog: Part Two can play in four areas: Labyrinth, Star Light, Scrap Brain and the end Zone. In Labyrinth must escape from the labyrinth of water tunnels, in Star Light you have to fly through space and Scrap Brain out mechanical city life. Nine stages that end in the end Zone, where you must defeat the evil Robotnik.

Faithful to the original graphics and a perfect conversion, with which you can experience the adventures of Sonic, in Sonic The Hedgehog: Part Two. The King of the platforms is back!

  • Remarkable graphics and emblematic tunes
  • 10 fun-filled stages
  • Sonic is still addictive despite its years
  • It is very short

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