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Although Windows Mobile users could already enjoy Skype on your mobile, or those who already used Fring on your Symbian, we now have an official Skype Beta version available only for some models of the brands Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

Skype has been very discreet for this release, indeed has made little noise in this respect, perhaps because it is a beta version and not offers everything one might expect. For example, does not allow to make calls via WiFi and requires a mobile connection to make calls.

It is better to have a rate of data monthly if you want to enjoy it, especially if you thought to use it abroad. Therefore one can say that we find ourselves in front of a watered down version of the real Skype. Although you can see your contacts, chat among several, and receive calls from Skype and SkypeIn via WiFi, the SkypeOut feature is limited to countries like Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Sweden and United Kingdom, at least during the beta phase.

In other words, call a mobile or fixed it will cost you a local or national call, so to call your Skype contacts, while SkypeOut is limited to the countries listed above. To send messages, and be connected, so you find a WiFi hotspot, or depends on the data plan you have contracted.

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Pax Romana

Without problems: I use Skype on your PC for work, and on the mobile at the moment works properly, but that again is left "hanging" lost... no longer beta, it consumes is enough battery.


You can only chat by text: Very basic, but at least it works well as a java program, to chat by text is well, it is very simple


surprising: you have the same functions as the skype computer or good lapton interezante of this esque you can communicate through mic habalr from anywhere in the world where are your friends or coworkers



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