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Most of the great triumphs of platforms such as the Commodore, Atari, or the undeniable Amiga have been revisited and redesigned for the series 40 Nokia and our delight; Rick Ranger 1965 is one of them.

In reality, disguised under the title of Rick Ranger, we find the historic Rick Dangerous, one of the major milestones of friend and our most longed adventurer, that he has been trapped in a maze of endless corridors and secret passageways within one of the pyramid of Egypt.

The gameplay and soundtrack of the sequel are stuck to the original game, the goal remained the same, i.e. get out alive of this maze, having at our disposal classic gun and dynamite to burst. Avoids the giant granite balls, go up the stairs, shoot at the enemies that cross your path and avoids the poisoned arrows which are directed towards you.

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