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Pipes is a tremendously simple and addictive game where the objective is to join pipes to carry water from one point to another of the screen. It is not very complicated but level after level engages us more and more.

Pipes offers two types of different pipes, some are red and some green. Since you have accepted to get out that mission, arm yourself with your plumber tools and reconnect the pipes that are switched off.

Therefore you enroscarás visible pieces on display, with the sole purpose of completing the circuit of water pipes. It seems simple, but sometimes we have a mess that raise us more than one question.

Pipes is a pleasant and free thinking game.

  • Very addictive
  • It will force you to think
  • Something repetitive

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Pipes reviews


excellent: the best q eh played in terms of cell phone games is concerned... I recommend unloaded it q is a great game! But first play across faciles, and when to end the easy avientense with super pipe more large, is worth the penalty xq in moments of leisure, wait, in the bathroom xxxxxxxxxxxx... keeps you entertained... DESCARGUENLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (^_^)


Piping your going nor excess...: To see if we learned the difference between the verb HABER and & quot;To see & quot; as your phrase to translate it lacks sentido:p. And get involved with your accent (accents) pipes pass...


What? for the pipes? No, it is not mario, but it is just as addictive!: Deves be thinking & quot;But if it is a simple game of pipes & quot; and actually... Yes, it is a simple set of pipes. But who said that a simple game may not be addictive? This is the best proof that. Through its simple but desafientes levels is a challenge, so I atrebo to ensure that you will love!


Cool little game: It is a good game that makes you think too much in their different sets... It's worth the time.! To go from a pipe to another level of play becomes more complicated and there is the interesting thing...! hits.!


A good "calientacocos": Maybe that, fun this little game calientacocos. You must rotate the pipes to make sure all are connected. According to the author, all the puzzles have a solution, although there are some that cost enough.


Super recommended: His Excellency game, all the best, entertaining and good for killing time, is also free, so more!


Learn how to write: If you find out, Pipes, pipes and 50 words that you used in your comment are b, DONKEY. What fault do you have with the language.


for fun: actually this fabulous and very entrenenido try to pass pleasant hours of fun When you go to your appointment with the dentist, start to play and you will soon pass the hours


Very entertaining: For those who are interested in games in which it needs to think, this is ideal.


Very challenging: Is apparently simple but at levels most high, be combierte in a challenge, is also quite addictive


Good: s: It is super fun and stop qe with the time flies is the entertainment in all its expression... Buenisimo!


Super: Very good. Simple and efficient design. In addition you have the possibility to choose different levels of difficulty.


I liked: It is a very entertaining game, an entertainment in which you desaburres finding the solution to the tubes, if you're going to download, I recommend


Good game: Very entertaining, I am still knowing him by what keeps its surprises, highly recommended.


highly recommended!: It is a very good version of this classic game. I was delighted and I spent a great time with the application Even so to enjoy the game is important to remember that while playing you can increase the display zoom (to see the tubes more large) or decrease it; and that is done with the key & quot; * & quot; and with the key & quot; #& quot;


addictive: Is a game quite entertaining and that engages, but perhaps it could be improved at the graphic level



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