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Guess what a compatible mobile Java, with direct access to the Internet via WAP/GPRS and port 80 on the inbound access-free PC is able to perform, with the support of this timely subproject eMule... do perhaps is to remotely control any client eMule from our mobile Java?

Do works with any client eMule? Not exactly, the client has to provide support for MobileMule Protocol; the latest version of the official client-compatible protocol of eMule, along with the latest version of the mod test eMule Kademlia. Now that we are well assorted clients eMule... do!?Connect us!

MobileMule is not a client eMule but which allows us to control remotely from mobile, client eMule on your computer, viewing the State of the traffic both descent and ascent, with the possibility to delete, pause or continue the download, look for new files and start your download, showing 15 results with more sources available with detailed information.

The icing on the cake of the MobileMule is perhaps the ability to preview the video files in process of downloading, watching the first video stream, set the video format for your mobile phone; in theory it should work with most video formats and codecs.

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Descargenlo: The best idea I have is to download mobileemule 0.7A serves me for multiple things, and also I can download from my phone mobil I recommend which is the download is very good



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