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MadFighters is the typical fighting game Street to Street Fighter style, but in key Arcade, that Yes. If you are ready for the fight, forget about the strategy and prepare for punching and kicking in the air, not to mention the powerful combos.

Right, left, jump of Tiger and WHAM... a direct surprise punch to the jaw of your opponent. If you need to liberate tensions accumulated during the day, this game is the best medicine. In two games, you'll feel like new.

Graphics and audio effects, because you can not demand much from being a clear representative of the Arcade genre, but is satisfactory. Here, what is important is to win cost whatever, pick, pick, punch, punch and final Ko.

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MadFighters reviews


well, and slow: You can install it without any problems, use it, but I could only play 1 pair of screens, and then it is like are tinda. has very good images


My apologies: I can not comment by my computer I can't but I've seen him play and I loved


Just a ppantalla: I have installed without problems, but let me just play a screen.


I COULD NOT INSTALL IT: I could not install the program, I wanted to install it because they think that it is an interesting game, let me know if anyone knows that I have to do to make it worth in my 3500...


Good game: It's a bit difisil but with practice is a very fun game has good images shock effects are good


It responds to the controls very retarded: Installed without problems and give the appearance of being entertaining. At the start of the fighting, the graphics are very bad, without quality and also with reaction to controls delayed. I think that they will be a nasty surprise.


EXCELLENT...!: This game is amazing, it is a little difficult to move from level, but even so this is the best... I congratulate you... Att. Mauro Veliz


(S60 1st) 1.0

0/10 0 reviews

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