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Capture quantitative data to carry out field tests with a paper and pencil is a cumbersome task,... why not do it with the help of your mobile phone and Handylearn Counter? It is much more practical and data are processed instantly.

If you need to compute statistical data, Handylearn Counter is the perfect application to do so from the mobile phone since you can insert the data with the touch of a button. It offers a simple interface and the ability to assign a feature to a button.

If for example you are counting the cars passing on the street and qualify them by colours, you can assign different colors to different buttons, in such a way that you only have to press a button to compute the values. Then, you have access to all sorts of graphics and statistical reports of great help for the visualization of the data.

  • Colorful graphics
  • There are no utilities to take notes

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Black Lion 00

only account: gives you percentages of how many times you press each key, you can use it to decide something with your buddies or teammates. Also in bar and pie chart.


Useful if you're doing surveys... = D: Really useful... Although preferred ubiera that had best look... polls are snapshots... lol although it is a bit tedious to put that it is each one by a menu apart. and the translation to the Spanish I don't feel well



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A periodic table of elements for your mobile

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Simple animation to learn how to make classic tie

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