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Google Maps for mobile is the program you need to display maps and images by satellite from Google Maps.

With this version for mobile Java, you can locate cities, streets, companies and other points of interest. Also features the satellite images of places around the world and

Moreover, with Google Maps you can find the best route to go from one point to another, both by foot such as drive, view the details of the destination or interact and navigate by maps, among other interesting possibilities.

In short, if you want to access Google maps from your phone, you need Google Maps Mobile.

  • It allows access to the maps from Google Maps
  • It calculates the itinerariosInlc
  • It includes images by satellite

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Google Maps reviews


Extraordinary...!: I use it as a working tool and it worked perfectly, the approximation error is acceptable and display is nice, as software, I have not had problems in traffic jams, congratulations! At one point, it was lost with an address and use it, becoming easily, thank you...! Now anytime I check it to be sure that I'm on the right track.

Luis oso

Add Peru to the new system: Thank you Google. This new product will help the Peru forward as leader of South America. For us professionals is an indispensable tool. Trujillo. Luis Huaman.


Google Maps: not are few see maps there are I have q lower directly from google, worked me well on my HTC Touch Viva, by dihjeron there XD expensive internet connectivity, and ppara q became the WIFI hehe, not available everywhere but I think one of the other. or good this model agree me to use WIFI and I use everything related to internet, email, web, climate, MSN Live is the maximum, I saw another cel q uses this program connected to the internet and you move your point showing you where you are going great


Okay, but it charges for using the internet: Be, this perfect, but need internet and not to mention that it is very cheap...


Google maps view: Well I think q is a good map and also you can see each of the places djnelsoon


It is ok: Okay but is a conaza at the end you eburres and admès on my phone is slow


It is good: It is a program that can be handled by any neophyte recommend it because it is easy and simple to enender and fast


/nykox_182: I did not like to anything, I trust google but honestly is a ca * for that I buy a gps for auto! Asdasdasd


GPS of payment: Okay if don't have of a module gps, why you are charging for the data supplied by the network and not are not cheap. The download works perfectly through the download of mobile by www.google.es/ gmm page


It will not...: As already said people here it hangs in the terms and conditions... Best that you can do is put you in www.google.es/ gmm from the mobile browser, and you the descargais for free, only charged you a few cents per connection... I is what I have done, and works perfectly, is amazing ^^


easy and comfortable: Google maps in a program easy and comfortable to use, I've tried with several phones and works with all of them, the Nokia N70 load maps more soon, but both a Z530 is an alcatel OT C707 operates correctly, in short to me is a good program if you don't have gps on your phone.

bull 007

Google maps for mobile 1.3: Not because I charge the phone it lose and when you open sequeda on terms and conditions .a failed very badly by a program for review


Well but watch samsung: Good application but with the samsung sgh-d500 model I have had many problems, hangs frequently, too much in change with motorola v3 I have not had any proglema. Also the topic terms of use have to fix it


Interesting but slow and I guess that expensive: The application of google is interesting. Works the same as the computer but more slowly. So you pass terms and conditions screen, where it seems that more than one is left hanging, it is necessary to be connected to gprs (which already begins to be billed).


Google maps for mobile 1.3: Good, I have it installed on nokia 6680 via wap. Comment that precise card memo 512mg.es a good application but find it a little slow response


Slow according to the mode of connection: I have a htc touch and it is very slow with the gprs connection, but with the wifi


easy and comfortable: Google maps is a competition easy and comfortable to use, although a bit slow, I have tried it on a nokia N70 and works perfectly and pretty fast, so I installed also in at alcatel OT C707 and also works well but you have trouble loading the maps a little more, in short a good program for mobile, which may not have nsvegador gps- micalet1717


Nada de Nada: Download it but I could not install it, it tells me that I already expired! =(


The program does not run: Problems with ejecutarlo.una once installed on the tel (nokia6280) has problems p / boot and is inert in conditions of uso.muy bad...


Response: I want an answer of why as other stays in terms and conditions and hence neither happens, if anyone knows please tell us.


NO ANDA!: I download it, install it, but even there just came, when I start it is in the part of terms and conditions and will not either for back or to the front. A nose that is. : s


DOES NOT WORK!: I tried to install it in different ways, including the option proposal via sms, (lost€ 3!), and does not work in any way.-always sticks in the "terms and conditions" screen and does not go there.


Pretty good, the best in class: Very good and useful for those who don't have gps, easy to usra,

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