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Go is the Edition for mobile devices the popular oriental game of Go.

The Go is probably the oldest Board of the World game. It is believed that it was invented in China about 4000 years ago, although it was in Japan where it reached its peak.

Legend has it that Emperor Yao asked one of his advisers that he invented a game to develop the mental ability of his son, who was somewhat delayed. This counselor invented the Go, known in China as wei-qi, meaning "surrounding game". Unfortunately history has none of the progress of the son of the emperor. In any case, the result has been that the Go has conquered the world. During the last twenty years the Chinese have resumed the game with great enthusiasm.

To get started in this dignified chess opponent simply you must know its main rules and objectives:

The game starts without any card on the Board and its two players take turns placing their chips at different intersections. The objective of the game is to conquer most of possible Board. To do this, do try to surround the rival chips forcing the withdrawal of these and maximizing the ground of conquered Board.

Its options allow you to set the size of the game board to 9 x 9 and 13 x 13, 19 x 19 boxes.

In this electronic version for mobile phones with MIDP and JAVA2ME you can enjoy each and every one of its mental and spiritual charms in an unlimited way.

Minimum requirements:

  • J2ME + MIDP 1.0

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