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Dynamo Kid is a platform game for mobile Java. Its graphics and controls reminiscent of much the of the legendary Super Mario, the hero of so many adventures of Nintendo.

The protagonist of the game is Dynamo Kid, a boy who wants to rescue the creatures of DreamIsland from the clutches of the monster Moopie, the classic villain kidnapper.

For victorious, Dynamo Kid exceed the levels collecting the largest possible number of stars. And all this without touching the other monsters fall or by precipices, of course.

The delicious retro design of Dynamo Kid and its simple controls ensure many hours of enjoyment. Little originality is the weakest point, but, if a recipe works, why change it?

  • 16 levels and 4 worlds
  • Nice 2D graphics
  • It reminds Mario
  • Maximum scores
  • Little original

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