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BlueFTP is FTP client with which you can exchange any files with other devices by using a Bluetooth connection.

Specifically, with BlueFTP it is possible to Exchange files with any device that includes OBEX Bluetooth profile. If so, you can explore the structure of directories of another terminal, upload or download files, edit files in memory and even delete.

Ultimately, BlueFTP is a program that will allow you to Exchange files with other devices. Whether mobile phones, PDAs, portable devices or computers.

  • It allows the exchange of files without limitations
  • It is relatively simple to use
  • It is not compatible with WiFi connections

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BlueFTP reviews


Engel blue: This super on some cell phones, but in my case didn't work my phone is a sony w 350 and mark me a bug in the aplicasion


No sirve me ayudaaaa: my cel is a motorazr2 (v8) and when I use it says k I can not use bluetooth porke does not work with this type of bluetooth and does not detect my folder or can you tell me another k to work with this cel

Vengador A.D.R.T.

The best java application that I've tried.: It is the best program I've tried to transfer files via Bluetooth. That allows you to transfer files with your phone closed (for those who have top as the Sony Ericsson w300). Let's say that a friend asks for a song and your you pass through this java application and if you want you can keep your phone in your Pocket (when not away much and vice versa) and that will pass the file just as ready. Also you can browse in a friend's phone (have / has to add its / your phone a & quot; my devices & quot;) and will simply say that allows you to see your files via bluetooth and if you allow as ready. You can see and copy your files to your cell mientrar to the can play, close your phone / save it, listen to music, etc. I've done this and it is great since I don't have to ask you lent the phone to pass me images or games I just have to ask for permission of access and ready!


Very good: Blueftp is a very good application and easy to use, with it you can see the other person files a your mobile phone via bluetooth


excellent application: It is a good option to transfer files via bluetooth with a few good options if you explore more in the. the transfer is fast and good


It does not work: Work me, I get an exception from NoDefClassFound (or similar). I have a HTC Touch Viva with WM6.1


The best app blueftp: The best the best applications dde will install easily in nokia n73 and if I find to my