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Assassin completo Creed 3 is a new epic game of this franchise based on historical events, conspiracies, and exciting adventures.

The version for mobile Java Assassin completo Creed 3, like the desktop consoles, is led by the native Connor. You will have to accompany his footsteps from the learning with the of his tribe to the footballer battlefield in which British and colonists decided the future of the United States.

Assassin completo Creed 3 mechanics do not differ much from previous installments: different phases consist of a mixture between platformer, action-based quick keystrokes and some moments of side driving. As a novelty, that Yes, the naval battlesalso appear.

Special mention deserve the graphics of Assassin completo Creed 3, which are really a pass for being a 2D game for Java. The characters are nicely animated and scenarios have all kinds of details, like rays of light, blur and depth effects.

Today, you will find few games for Java more care than Assassin completo Creed 3. You have followed or not the history of the Templars and the assassins, it worthwhile that you play this great title on your mobile.

  • High level technical section
  • Interesting story
  • Varied situations
  • Well adapted to the mobile keyboard
  • Any down time speed

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